The Internet has made it possible to access services at reasonable rates from anywhere around the globe. This has led to many traditional industries now finding it more convenient and economical to outsource their services as opposed to hiring in-house staff. Based on this we created Jayscribe.Net.  JayScribe is a U.S. based company that provides virtual transcription services to Legal Professionals. We transcribe audio and video files.

Our Team

With a combined 30 years experience in both the medical and legal fields, our transcriptionists are certified and trained to look at transcription as being more than just listening and then typing what was said. Our experience enables us to use skills such as medical and legal terminology, Google Scholar and other research methods to produce the most accurate transcripts.

Customer Service

And even though we recognize that our clients are individuals with personal preferences, we realize that transcriptions cannot be altered to compensate for the client's preferences. Therefore we use whatever available resources we have to ensure that we satisfy your client's specific request, while at the same time keeping the final transcript exactly as it should be - a true transcription.


At JayScribe we place a high value on the security of our client's files. We have taken the necessary steps to protect your files so you can feel confident that your documents will be safe from the moment you send them to us and until your transcripts are returned to you. All files are stored in a cloud based environment and only team members that need them to complete transcriptions are allowed access to them.

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