Why Does A Legal Professional Need Transcriptionists?

The job of Scribes in 15th century Egypt was to record contacts, court cases, current events, and other important happenings so they could be preserved and read by others in the future. Scribes converted the spoken word into written form; their job was similar to that of modern day Transcriptionists.Fast forward to our digital age and the same premise applies in the legal industry. Digitally recorded files are converted into written documents so they can be preserved. Like a Scribe, a modern day Transcriptionist listens to recorded files and then converts them into written documents.

Because times have changed, very few Legal Professionals today carry a tape recorder to capture their client meetings.  Legal Professionals use smartphones and iPads to record meetings with their clients. These recordings can now be sent by email to a transcriptionist who is half way around the world who will convert the recorded files into written documents and return them to the original sender.

This form of outsourcing has become an attractive alternative for many small business owners because it allows small business owners to obtain professional quality services at a fraction of the costs of hiring in-house staffing.

Many Professional Transcriptionists offer this type of virtual transcription service. What this means is that they work with clients from remote locations via to the Internet. Virtual transcription services are attractive to many solo practicing Attorneys, Court Reporters, and other Legal Professionals because it offers flexibility, cuts costs, saves time and can lead to long-term partnerships. Finding the right service for your business may require investing time doing research, however, once you have found the right match it will certainly be worth the effort.

In my next post, I will discuss some skills you should look for when hiring a Virtual Professional Transcriptionist.

What skills do you personally need that person to have? Please leave your comments below.