Why You Should Partner with a Virtual Transcriptionist

There is a growing need for Transcriptionists in a number of industries but the question you may ask is, “What makes a Professional Transcriptionist and how do I partner with one?

1. A keen sense of hearing. A professional Transcriptionist listens to what is being said but more importantly understands the meaning that is being conveyed by the spoken word. For this reason, a good command of language is extremely important. Being professional means one knows the difference between “precedent” and “president” and when to use “lien” as opposed to “lean” when transcribing a recorded file.

2. Great keyboarding skills. A professional is not only able to type between 65 and 85 words per minute She also knows where to find and utilize tools that enhance keyboarding skills to maximize output. The adage “time is money” is taken literally by a professional Transcriptionist.

If you are looking to hire a legal Transcriptionist here are two great reasons why you should consider partnering with a virtual transcription service.

  • It is more cost effective. There is no need to invest in additional office space or purchase extra equipment. You eliminate the costs involved in hiring more staff and training them. You do not have to pay out  money for the benefits associated the employing personnel.
  • Location is not a factor. This will have a positive effect on your turnaround time. Your Virtual Transcription Partner is able to make schedule adjustments to benefit your business because Virtual transcriptionists are not  limited by location.