How Do You Know If You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

How Do You Know If You Can Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Countless people go through their lives totally unhappy because they hate their jobs. They often ask themselves if changing jobs would make them happier.  Whether a career change make a difference, or what would happen if they started their own business. It is sad that most people never allow themselves to find the answers to these questions.  So, how can you determine if you can really become a successful entrepreneur? Below are five traits that all successful entrepreneurs possesses.

Five Characteristics of  Every Successful Entrepreneur.

1. Good Leadership and Organizational Skills. It is said that leaders are born, not made. I cannot agree or disagree with that statement. What I do know however, is that a person’s upbringing, environment and circumstances can all contribute to his becoming a great leader. My father died when I was only 11 years old. Being the first of five children,  I was given small responsibilities at an early age. Those minor responsibilities helped me develop leadership and organizational skills that I might not have built if my circumstances had been different .

2. Not Afraid to Follow Their Own Path. If you are an entrepreneur you will never follow someone else’s dream. When I entered the working world, I found myself constantly thinking and doing things differently from my peers and superiors. Because of this, I was sometimes labeled “insubordinate”. However, I soon realized  that their goals and expectations were different from mine. There was nothing I could do to change that.  I knew then that I had to follow my own dreams.

3. A Knack for Finding What Works Best. An entrepreneur is never happy just doing what is expected. He or she is constantly pushing the envelope. It doesn’t matter what others think, he is determined to find the answer for himself. I have never believed that there is just one right way to arrive at a destination. There are always alternatives to be found.

4. Getting Their Hands Dirty is Not a Problem. We are Doers. Entrepreneurs just cannot sit by and watch others do; they must get involved. Over the years I have found that my greatest education comes from working with the people that are real doers. That is because these are the people who develop new skills and techniques that lead to higher productivity. Working with such people can significantly broadens one’s horizon.

5. Job Satisfaction Is More Important Than Making Money. Successful entrepreneurs crave the feeling of happiness and the freedom that comes from doing what they love. And they are willing to dedicate long hours of hard work to make a dream become reality. As important as money is, it is often seen ny many successful entrepreneurs  as a pleasant by-product by many  successful entrepreneurs.

In conclusion,  if you are totally unhappy with your current situation and have been itching to do something you dream of doing, create a transition plan and go for it. You will enjoy the feeling of freedom when you are doing what you love to do.